Mold Inspection

Every mold inspection is conducted by a highly experienced (20+ years), CMC (Certified Microbial Consultant) through the ACAC (American Council for Accredited Certification). This is the highest mold accreditation in the country so you can rest assured that you have hired a qualified expert!

In addition to our Certified Mold Check ℠ visual mold inspection, we offer full mold inspection and testing services for residential and commercial buildings. Our mold inspections provide our clients with answers to the following questions:

Do I have a mold problem?

What is causing the mold problem?

How do I get rid of the mold problem?

How do I keep the mold from coming back?

Our Inspection Process:

  • We provide a full visual assessment of the home or specific area of concern. We are not only looking for mold, but also water damage, because mold requires water or moisture to grow.
  • We use specialized equipment such as moisture meters, infrared cameras and other equipment during our inspections. We collect air or surface samples at the discretion of the homeowner. When air sampling is conducted there is always a minimum of two needed, one in the affected area of concern and one outdoor control sample for comparison.
  • Samples are mailed overnight FedEx to an accredited 3rd party lab for analysis. The lab generally takes 1-2 business days to process the samples once they receive them.
  • We email you a copy of the lab results with a written inspection report 3-4 business days after your inspection appointment.
  • In our written report we document what we found during the inspection, including lab results. We also interpret the lab results for you!
  • If our inspection and the lab results determine that there is a mold issue we can provide a free estimate for mold removal.